Sunday, April 09, 2017

Living Water

Living water. What does that mean? Living water MOVES. It does not stay in one place and become stagnant. It MOVES and brings "life" of all kinds with it.

Yeshua (our Messiah Jesus) was baptized in the Jordan River, in the lowest part of the river just before the Dead Sea. No matter if you are in the lowest part and almost in the Dead Sea, Yeshua MADE A WAY FOR YOU TO BE CLEAN AND PURE. All you have to do is ACCEPT IT, LIVE IT- MAKE IT PART OF YOU.

 He wants us to BE LIVING WATER, that does not stand still, that does not end in a "dead sea" and that BRINGS LIFE to us EVERYDAY and to OTHERS who he has put in our lives. Be that LIVING WATER today with everybody you see, everything you say and with every thought you think.

Take hold of your life- your faith- and BECOME LIVING (MOVING, BREATHING, LIFE BRINGING) WATER!

Modern site at Jordan River where many are baptized today.