Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Torah- In the Life of the Individual

Torah (first 5 books of the bible) in the Life of an Individual- This is taken from The Complete Jewish Study Bible p. 916 (Ps. 19) in the commentary section.

Psalm 19:8-12 King David teaches that Torah is perfect, meant to display both God's revealed will and aspect of his divine nature (Ps. 19: 8-12)

Torah is not just a list of rules that one must follow; for as pure light, it emanates from God himself and is given with both precision and authority.

Fear and reverence are the correct response to God's holy word (Kidner 117). Verse 9 explains that the precepts of God are considered right just as a judicial decision is "right": it stands fast and cannot be shaken (cf.18:22)

Since Torah contains loving instruction that is perfect, through it the obedient are restored, made wise, given reason for rejoicing, and provided enlightenment beyond this world.

In considering the power and relevance of Torah, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel states that "every letter, every word, whether expanded or limiting a subject, is intended to teach a lesson.  Each idiom instructs and clarifies.  There is no form here; all is content all is instruction.  Just as heaven is loftier than earth so the language of Torah is loftier than the language of human beings: (Heavenly Torah 56)

Where humanity often seeks to resist ADONAI and his instruction, Isra'el's sage, Ibn Ezra comments on this passage: "The Lord has incorporated and deposited into the very soul of man a tendency to appreciate the importance of these divine orders and the intellect to naturally and instinctively understand their significance" (Feuer 245).  

It is for this reason that God provides Torah--- his perpetual blessing to his people.

Let us pray we do not resist the "God given tendency " to appreciate the importance of Torah and grieve the Spirit in doing so. Let us pray we do not condition ourselves to push out what He has deposited in us!