Friday, April 07, 2017

Come out of the dessert 4-7-17

In the dessert. That is where I was for 40 years! Spiritually I was in a place where I did not allow anything from God to grow to its fullest potential. I was as resistant to God to give me spiritual life as the dessert is to giving plant and animal life. I had let my faith dry up.
During this time God still FED ME AND GAVE ME WATER. He kept "offering more" but I resisted, only taking enough to keep me "alive".
Does that sound familiar? Do you feel you are resisting what God has to offer? Do you feel you could be closer to God but for whatever reason, you are in a rut?
I am FILLED WITH GODS WILL (finally I opened my heart to ALL He has to offer) and full of PASSION! This IS NOT MY DOING BUT HIS. (All I did was stop resisting) And it can be yours too! We are designed to be full of passion. But often we resist. BUT THAT IS NOT WHERE GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE!! He has so much more for you than "little bites". He has PREPARED A BANQUET for our delight.
These are not just word pictures but have a TRUE AND GLORIOUS application in our daily lives. WANT SOME???
It can be given to you too. But you have to take control over your feelings and what you see being possible. ARE YOU IN CONTROL (self control) over where your faith is right now? That can be good if you have given that control to God and bad if you have taken control and wont let God in.
Let loose of your fear, pain, anger and all the other things that have NO RIGHT TO BE IN YOUR LIFE. This is a decision. And it has great power to bring you into what you will soon see is Gods will for your life. If you are in a rut, rebuke it and stand firm on your faith. Call out to myself or other women who have been delivered from their rut to find out how.
This is my calling. My desire. To help you come out of the "dessert" and into the PASSION for which YOU WERE CREATED! Send me a private message if you want to talk- I am here for you!
Sharing your thoughts causes what you believe to grow. Not sharing can cause your faith to wither away. God is calling all of us to COME OUT OF THE DESSERT to a land of milk and honey!