Monday, April 10, 2017

Screen Doors!

Kissing through screen a door? Heard this expression the other day and then God gave me a word picture.

Do we live our lives with screen doors between us and God?
Image the screen doors are: sin, doubt, anger, pain and false teachings. Imagine we have only two or as many as 100 screen doors between us and God.

We can see God. Hear Him and maybe even feel Him. But the screen doors are still causing a "distance" between us and Him.

We must discover what our "screen doors" are so we can actually shorten that distance and have nothing stand in between us AND OUR SAVIOR.

If you read this, make a comment. Each time you make a comment you build faith. When you build faith you open your eyes to new things. Maybe to "a screen door" in your life. So commenting can cause you to move closer to God. Who is with me on this??????