Thursday, April 13, 2017

Apply Token of Faith to Gain Freedom

URGENT MESSAGE: God is telling us that He has an urgent message.
WE ARE IN BONDAGE. He has heard our cries. Those who "apply the TOKEN OF FAITH" around all "sides of their HOME" will be "Passed over".

First we are IN BONDAGE in three ways:
Those who do not have His blessing of Salvation. They don’t believe or pretend to believe BUT because they pretend to believe- they do not!

Second we are in BONDAGE as a world because we allow "Egypt to prevent us from honoring God on His Sabbath." The law of the land is to, for most of the Christian world, to worship/reset on Sunday, not on His given day but that of the world (Egypt). God called His people out of Egypt so they could "worship in His rest".

Third, we are IN BONDAGE just like we were in Egypt- to the corruption, sin and acceptance of the pagan ways of Babylon. Because we HOLD ON TO SIN in our lives, we are TRULY NOT FREE! We are holding OURSELVES CAPTIVE to sin. He is URGING all of us to PURGE sin from our lives in every form. HE CAN SEE our lives, hearts and faith or lack of faith. IN HIS LOVE AND CONCERN FOR US, HE IS URGING THAT WE ALL PURGE from our lives anything THAT WOULD NOT MAKE IT INTO HIS KINGDOM. If you feel He would not approve of it THERE then we should not approve of it HERE! Purge sin and you will BE SET FREE!

APPLY THE TOKEN: He is telling us that the "angel of judgement is now over our homes." We must consider this moment to be where we make the choice in our hearts to "apply the token" of His Salvation to our lives. If we truly believe then purge sin and REPENT so He can wash you clean. If you truly believe then apply "movement" to your life and become "living water" with excitement and A Refreshing OF YOUR FAITH. If you are a TRUE FOLLOWER OF THE MESSIAH you will break out of the old shell and become a NEW LIFE in Him. Others should see this in your life. Apply the token of "FAITH ALIVE" to all the posts that surround your "home". Where you live, how you live and what your life represents.

PASSOVER. It is not just a "Jewish holiday". It is Gods Holy Day. A day of judgment for Egypt. A day of deliverance for Gods People. For us today IT IS TODAY! Ask God to see "your token" applied to your heart. Ask for Forgiveness for all your sin and wipe out the desires to be "in Egypt". Ask for Strength to "not look back" like Lots wife did. Ask to accept His GRACE with such a passion that everyone can see the new YOU! 

It’s OK to be "renewed in HIM." We should seek this every day! He will celebrate and "run to meet you" as the Father does to all who love Him. Apply your "token" of faith so that others may see it on your "door posts" and you will be set free from all the troubles that you feel you have. This is very powerful and you will see this power work in your life today! The moment you take this message into your heart, "make it living water" in your heart you will FEEL HIS POWER. 

Pray for His protection that even if there are "rocks in your river" of flowing water, that you can now see them as BEAUTIFUL.  The rocks in our rivers cause water to spray up into the air; the rocks in a waterfall cause “the beauty” of the waterfall.  Let’s see the rocks or “troubles” in our lives as beautiful.  Take the power out of the negative, Give the negative to Yeshua who “carries our burdens” and “lightens our loads” and be refreshed by His LOVE!  

So today, become living water, show your freedom from Egypt so that others may see and want what you have.  So that all of us can be saved from the destruction “of Sodom and Gomorrah” like Lot was.  Don’t look back to Egypt or the “destruction” but look forward to FREEDOM!   Become LIVING WATER!