Monday, April 10, 2017

Whisper of the Holy Spirit

 Barb Pecha posted this:  
The mere whisper of the Holy Spirit 
can drown out the thundering noise 
of an entire world.  
David Jeremiah

I am listening. It took 40 years for me to open my ears to what He wanted to say. It took my heart to really seek to know Him.

But I am out of the "dessert" and ready to help you, yes anyone who is feeling stuck in a rut and WHO WANTS OUT, please let me know. I can share what happened to me and it just may help you get out of your spiritual rut. It is so awesome to feel and hear His Spirit. 

I am so glad He took me out of my "dessert" and has given me TRUE LIFE. GOD WILL NOT FORCE HIS SPIRIT ON YOU, you must commit to being open to it. 

 If you feel His spirit asking you to dig deeper into a relationship with HIM, NOW is the time. What are you waiting for? The earth to shake? Mountains to crumble? How about just someone who cares for you telling you.... "I am here, lets talk". God works in many ways. 

And so I am telling you.... He wants to pull closer to you. So lets talk! Send me a message if you want to talk about how you can pull closer to God. Thank you Barb Pecha for posting things that inspire us to seek Him.