Monday, November 20, 2017

Gods Law of perfection or mans laws of injustice?

If Gods standards (the Law) were to be done away with, why then did Jesus (Yeshua) come to give a better interpretation?

If He came to establish a new way, why bother showing us the faults in the old system?
Out of the 613 commands of God, we are to STILL observe 271. (613 less the ones pertaining to the temple, sacrifices and priestly duties)  A closer look at the 271 reveals that many of them can be summarized in the 10 or even the 2 as commanded by Yeshua when He was on earth. 

The 271 do not add burden but CLARIFY what is meant in the "summed up" versions of the 10 and 2.  Remember Yeshua (Jesus) was talking to JEWS who knew the ENTIRE old testament (likely completely and by heart).  So when Yeshua spoke, He only needed to touch or start" a topic and the deciples and other followers and even the crowds KNEW the story in full. 

Just because HE did not speak the details or the writes of the NT did not write the details does not mean we are to discard the details.  The details are what can prevent us from staying confused in the "grey area" of how to live a Godly and Holy life!

There is NOTHING scary, burdensome or difficult for us as believers to follow these “instructions” on how to live a life set apart (Holy!) To LIVE in PEACE and LOVE.

Anyone who claims HE did away with the law understands it to be burdensome or is not familiar with what they actually are, what they say and what they accomplish.

IF we did follow Gods instructions we would be a people who LOVE their God with all our hearts, minds and actions. NOT ONE of the commandments are burdensome to those who LOVE Elohim (God) and Lord of all Creation!

We must "adjust" our hearts and minds to Gods System of Government because that is EXACTLY what will be established in the Millennium and eternity!

Cast away your hurts and pains of this world governments and justice.... for the Rule of God will be Perfect and Just!

One more thing... as gentiles we are not OBLIGATED to keep the feast.  But do we want to lives having one foot in the Truth and the other foot in the world?  To help keep us clean and separate from the world, God gave us everything we need to live life fully.  The Holy Days, Feasts, even Sabbath helps us and protects us as we strive to cut off the influence of satan through the lies he feeds the world.  Shalom and keep striving for Holiness!