Monday, April 09, 2018

Become all things to all men....

The false teaching of the adversary are all around us today and have many in bondage.
For example the idea we are to "become all things to all men" does not mean we lower the standards by which we live in order to witness to an unbeliever. We are not to compromise holding to and living out our lives ACCORDING TO HIS COMMANDMENTS in order to win someones soul to Christ. This is a common teaching from the seeker friendly believers and it will not be found as obedience to the commands.
People you are responsible for what you believe. No one will take your punishment for following the "broad and spacious path." and no one can claim your reward for being faithful to the commandments. Its all yours either way so time to step up to the line and start living what scriptures teach and not the filth that comes out of the mouths of men with philosophy as their god.

Confess... what does it mean?

The word confess means to admit even if you are embarrassed or ashamed. So when you confess to the Lord, He is faithful to forgive NO MATTER what the sin is. And remember all sins gain us the label of disobedient. The goal is to recognize our sin, confess to the Lord even if they are embarrassing and to be free from that sin. Repentance means to turn from that sin. So confess and turn! That is the only way to be forgiven. It was from the day Adam and Eve sinned until the end of millennium.... if we confess we are forgiven. Today we offer prayers and thanksgiving to God for accepting our confession and repentance. In the Old Testament they were instructed to also, after confession and forgiveness, to OFFER sacrifices of thanksgiving and offers of thanks for many things like sin and blessings. The sacrifices were never meant for forgiveness of sin but as thanksgiving offerings for Gods grace of forgiveness. Many do not understand this. I think it answers many questions. I hope all that you get from my posts is a stirring to bring you closer to the lord. If you dont agree with something I post it is your job to research it and look for Gods truth, not mans. Remember Yeshua/Jesus does not want us to follow man but HIM!

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Are you living a lie in your relationship with anyone, with God?

What does it mean-to live a lie? To live a lie in a relationship? To live a lie in our faith to God? It is obvious that this is a strong statement and we must not live a lie in ANY FASHION especially our faith.
Let me know how you feel about allowing a lie be part of our relationships to each other and to God.
Be nice please. We come together to strengthen and endure, not to tear down.
And loving someone DOES NOT MEAN lying to them because that is what they WANT to hear. It is always right to loving speak the truth for ONLY TRUTH can SET US FREE. Free from what?????? The lies of Satan -that are everything from wanting to Be like God to not being loved enough by God.
NO MORE LIES!! LIVE YOUR LIFE with truth. Choose to NOT live A LIE!

 The world is deceived but so are believers. Few will find the "narrow gate and narrow road". What can this mean other than many will go about convinced they are on the right path. Our gospel is so full of "love one another" that obedience is considered judgement and harsh. He is the judge so our conduct will matter. He will judge more than the heart for even unbelievers can love , be kind, show peace and mercy and so on. What we do with that love must show through. A true love will. But love is also on that spacious road. That is how many are deceived. Which path WILL HAVE TRUTH??? I don't believe will. I think truth is vital. It is the only road that leads to Him. Hope you can see my point. We are not to do as the nations do.... with any gods that suit them, with any false teaching that suit them, with traditions of men that suit them. When do we stop acting like the nations and become set apart. Israel, gods chosen people fell short so many times. MOST OFTEN because they fell into the "ways of the nation" they simulated into the culture. We must not simulate into our culture today. I am only promoting what scripture says and how the first century disciples would have lived it. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Otherwise we are not living as if we are followers but creating our own. Men have done some really evil things. Satan is subtle and will let man run away with His own desires. The lie Satan told eve was truth mixed with LIES! It was subtle but it worked. We are to be on guard for all the subtle ways Satan loves to use to separate us from God.
Jesus did not come to give a free pass to do whatever we want as long as we claim His name. He can to show how to understand scripture correctly. That means IT MATTERS! Many will think they got it right but He will say they have it all wrong.
So does today after or does it matter only the day I die as to my heart condition or my actions as a follower? Anyone who is looking to tomorrow to be right with God is living another one of Satan lies. He has given us today. He is touching pur hearts everyday just waiting to hear us cry out to Him. It's not a game. It all matters. Someone who has found the truth and desires to keep it will have peace and conviction to follow through and know that what we suffer here that brings us closer to Him is what also refines us.
So it all matters. God will not share his worship with other gods or traditions of men. Great place to start considering what really matters.
 From Facebook 4-4-18

Baal worship all over the place, and especially in our churches. I just watched a prominent female preacher that encourages Baal activities. The structure of Babylon and its corresponding Baal worship has returned, and will continue to escalate. We are truly living in a the culture that will say, "Lord, Lord look at all we've done for you." And He will say to that culture, "Get away from Me I never knew you!" Lawlessness will abound in the last days. God describes holiness and righteousness from Genesis 1 thru the end of Revelation. And the Church looks more like the world than Jesus Christ! Maybe that is why Jesus wondered if any faith would be found when He returned.
A form of Godliness, but deny His power of transformation. I love it when people justify away God's precepts. They want to look and act like the world. Shame on her for being a false teacher. Leading astray the little ones! Holiness is an internal and external commitment. God knows your heart, your fruit is evidence of your heart's condition.
Wayne North

 Wayne:  You and I are crying out with the same message. I confirm you and you confirm me. So why is the people in the "churches" still standing still? I believe we deliver the message and then move forward to the ones who want to move forward. Dust off our feet to the ones that want to stand still for the Spirit is still working on them. But since we keep having to bottle feed them, then never grow and we never move on to feed the meat to the ones looking to grow stronger. I think it is time to stop bottle feeding and leave that to the Lord and move to the disciplining which IS THE JOB HE LEFT FOR US! I am ready. Anyone willing to go from all talk to more action.... I am ready.

Why is breaking one commandment like breaking them all?

Why is breaking one commandment like breaking them all?
Because disobedience is not measured by "the sin" but by the heart condition.
Our heart condition is not labeled by "the sin" but by the act....DISOBEDIENCE. Any heart that has not repented of that sin is considered disobedient and will be judged as such.
So breaking even one is like breaking all.... it puts you in the same boat... being disobedient.
We don't want to be found disobedient. We want to be found faithful!! We want to reject sin and its consequences so that we may be found holy, set apart, righteous.
Many say you cant be righteous. That is not true. Satan wants you to believe that to defeat you. All it takes for us to be found righteous is a heart that is repentant and turns from sin.
As we grow in our understanding of God and His son Yeshua we become familiar with what SIN IS and can reject it, turn from it and not act on it. Sin is ALL DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD.
If we have acted on sin, been disobedient, then we repent and make steps to never repeat the offense. This is the heart that will be found faithful.
So if you study and are convicted to make change, it is the Lord guiding you to do so. If you read or speak with someone who shows you the standards of God you have the choice to use that moment to make a change back to obedience.
A stubborn heart is one that does not seek what God wants but what the flesh of man wants. God wants a heart that seeks after Him. One that is holy and set apart. Amen