Monday, November 20, 2017

Gods Law of perfection or mans laws of injustice?

If Gods standards (the Law) were to be done away with, why then did Jesus (Yeshua) come to give a better interpretation?

If He came to establish a new way, why bother showing us the faults in the old system?
Out of the 613 commands of God, we are to STILL observe 271. (613 less the ones pertaining to the temple, sacrifices and priestly duties)  A closer look at the 271 reveals that many of them can be summarized in the 10 or even the 2 as commanded by Yeshua when He was on earth. 

The 271 do not add burden but CLARIFY what is meant in the "summed up" versions of the 10 and 2.  Remember Yeshua (Jesus) was talking to JEWS who knew the ENTIRE old testament (likely completely and by heart).  So when Yeshua spoke, He only needed to touch or start" a topic and the deciples and other followers and even the crowds KNEW the story in full. 

Just because HE did not speak the details or the writes of the NT did not write the details does not mean we are to discard the details.  The details are what can prevent us from staying confused in the "grey area" of how to live a Godly and Holy life!

There is NOTHING scary, burdensome or difficult for us as believers to follow these “instructions” on how to live a life set apart (Holy!) To LIVE in PEACE and LOVE.

Anyone who claims HE did away with the law understands it to be burdensome or is not familiar with what they actually are, what they say and what they accomplish.

IF we did follow Gods instructions we would be a people who LOVE their God with all our hearts, minds and actions. NOT ONE of the commandments are burdensome to those who LOVE Elohim (God) and Lord of all Creation!

We must "adjust" our hearts and minds to Gods System of Government because that is EXACTLY what will be established in the Millennium and eternity!

Cast away your hurts and pains of this world governments and justice.... for the Rule of God will be Perfect and Just!

One more thing... as gentiles we are not OBLIGATED to keep the feast.  But do we want to lives having one foot in the Truth and the other foot in the world?  To help keep us clean and separate from the world, God gave us everything we need to live life fully.  The Holy Days, Feasts, even Sabbath helps us and protects us as we strive to cut off the influence of satan through the lies he feeds the world.  Shalom and keep striving for Holiness!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Word study: Holy days and feasts from Israel Biblical Studies

The Greatest Appointment

In Leviticus Chapter 23 we find a list of holy days and feasts. The Hebrew word used to describe them is מּוֹעֵד (moʽed), but this is no mere festival nor even a day simply set apart from other days. Its root – יעד (yaʽad) – has the meaning of setting an appointed time. In this context, the word מּוֹעֵד means nothing short of an appointment with God, set by God himself.

The Circle

Another word used to describe these appointed times in Hebrew is חַג (chag). Its root – חגג (chagag) – has the meaning of something circular, indicating the cyclical, repetitive nature of the annual holidays. It is also used to describe physically going around in circles, often around a holy site. Like anniversaries, these appointed times are supposed to be celebrated every year – whenever they “come around” on the calendar.
 In the upcoming Jewish holiday season, you may hear people around the world saying “Chag Sameach” (חג שמח) to each other, which means “have a happy holiday”.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Christ Followers or Admirers?

Are we followers of Christ or are we admirers of Christ? Each one of us who has anything to do with Christ/Christianity falls under one of these two categories. Knowing the difference is important.
Here is a summary (taken from the article below) of what the difference is between the two.....

*The admirer NEVER MAKES any true sacrifices. He always plays it safe. Though in words, phrases, songs (facebook posts and so much more) he is inexhaustible about how highly he prizes Christ, he RENOUNCES NOTHING, GIVES UP NOTHING, will not RECONSTRUCT HIS LIFE, will not BE what he admires, and will not let his life express what it is he supposedly admires!*

WOW that is so sad. But we see it everywhere today. People claiming to be "followers of Christ" (Christians) yet their life still reflects the "worldians" (my term for those who follow the world) This is part of the antichrist living amongst us today!
Now want to know what a follower is? Again taken from the article below....

*The FOLLOWER ASPIRES with ALL his STRENGTH, with all his WILL to BE what he admires. And then, remarkable enough, even though he is living amongst a "Christian people" the same danger results for him as was once the case when it was dangerous to openly confess Christ. And because of the followers life, it will become evident WHO THE ADMIRERS ARE, for the admirers WILL BECOME AGITATED with him. Even that these words are presented as they are will disturb many- but then they likewise must belong to the admirers.*

Christ knows who is what. He commanded us to be FOLLOWERS. If we are admirers we risk being turned away like the rick man who followed all the commandments but was not willing "to give up" what he valued.

Want to read the rest of the article? find it at

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What can man do to me??? Experience Love from the Father now!

Nothing of value.  Nothing everlasting.  Because I have the Lord with me!

There is a wonderful song created using these words.

The Lord is with me, I am not afraid, what can man do to me?
The Lord is with me, I am not afraid, what can man do to me?
In my distress I cried to the Lord, when trouble comes He's there.
I will put my trust, in Adonia, what can man do to me?  (from Psalms 119;5-9)

Here are the words in Hebrew.  There is a special meaning to knowing some of Gods language.

Adonai li, lo ira. Mah ya'aseh li adam?
Adonai li, lo ira. Mah ya'aseh li adam?
Min hametzar karati Yah.
Anani bamerchav Yah.
Tov lachasot ba'Adonai mib'toach ba'adam.
Tov lachasot ba'Adonai mib'toach ba'adam.

The love from our Heavenly Father is in the peace you can find from this song.  Please listen to it and find that peace.  Then when the world of men are out to cause you harm remember this song!


Shavuot: The Harvest of Blessings

This article is from

dairy products and fruits. Symbols of jewish holiday - Shavuot

“Then celebrate the Festival of Weeks [Chag ha-Shavuot] to the LORD your God by giving a freewill offering in proportion to the blessings the LORD your God has given you.”  (Deuteronomy 16:10)
Last night, as the sun set in Israel and around the world, the Biblical holy day of Shavuot (Festival of Weeks) began.
Many stayed up all night learning Torah to honor the day Moses received the law on Mount Sinai, which occurred on Shavuot.
Staying awake is a centuries-old custom.  It is traditionally believed that the Israelites slept in on the day God gave the Torah, so staying awake is thought to rectify the apparent lack of enthusiasm.
A special booklet call Tikun Leyl Shavuot (Rectification for Shavuot Night) made for this occasion has excerpts from the beginning and end of each of the 24 books of the Tanakh and the 63 books of the Mishnah.
Because of the holiday’s connection to the harvest and agriculture, here in Israel, it is marked by food festivals, picnics, and visits to the kibbutz and to the Western Wall, a remnant of the ancient wall that once surrounded the Holy Temple’s courtyard.
Every Shavuot it is packed with people praying.  The streets of Jerusalem were filled like this 2,000 years ago when Holy Spirit fire fell on the Believers united in prayer, and about 3,000 observant Jews were saved.

Read more:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The nature of sin

Romans 7:15-25
Paul explores the frustration of everyone who has ever failed to live up to God's commands. As Yeshua put it "The spirit indeed is eager but the human nature is weak." (Matt 26:41) Similarly the Talmud states:"At first sin is like an occasional visitor, then like a guest who stays awhile, and finally like the master of the house. James says, " Rather, each person is being tempted whenever his is being dragged off and enticed by the bait of his own desire. Then, having conceived, the desire gives birth to sin; and when sin is fully grown it gives birth to death." 

We will all be tempted. But will we "kick sin out" like a guest that is not welcomed or destroy it before "it is fully grown"? This shows that there are several "layers" to the sin that is manifested in our lives. We often have many opportunities to "destroy it". If we do not, it will destroy us. 

 God in His perfect wisdom
gave us His instruction book (Torah- first 5 books of the Bible) so that we can recognize sin in it earliest stages, even before its is "conceived." But man wanted it simplified and "easy to remember." So the original 613 were shortened several times.. eventually to 10 and then down to 2! But what man has lost from not being familiar with the original list is the ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE SIN BEFORE IT IS CONCEIVED. We are not "remembering" Gods commands by summing them all into the two most often quoted. We are only equipped to "destroy sin before it is conceived" if we are familiar with the COMPLETE LIST. Remember that our scriptures are an instruction book, not so God can control us but so that we can control ourselves and avoid sin BEFORE it can grow. Since the temple and sacrifices are no longer part of our convenient with God, the list of how to "recognized and destroy sin before it can grow" is much smaller. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Apply Token of Faith to Gain Freedom

URGENT MESSAGE: God is telling us that He has an urgent message.
WE ARE IN BONDAGE. He has heard our cries. Those who "apply the TOKEN OF FAITH" around all "sides of their HOME" will be "Passed over".

First we are IN BONDAGE in three ways:
Those who do not have His blessing of Salvation. They don’t believe or pretend to believe BUT because they pretend to believe- they do not!

Second we are in BONDAGE as a world because we allow "Egypt to prevent us from honoring God on His Sabbath." The law of the land is to, for most of the Christian world, to worship/reset on Sunday, not on His given day but that of the world (Egypt). God called His people out of Egypt so they could "worship in His rest".

Third, we are IN BONDAGE just like we were in Egypt- to the corruption, sin and acceptance of the pagan ways of Babylon. Because we HOLD ON TO SIN in our lives, we are TRULY NOT FREE! We are holding OURSELVES CAPTIVE to sin. He is URGING all of us to PURGE sin from our lives in every form. HE CAN SEE our lives, hearts and faith or lack of faith. IN HIS LOVE AND CONCERN FOR US, HE IS URGING THAT WE ALL PURGE from our lives anything THAT WOULD NOT MAKE IT INTO HIS KINGDOM. If you feel He would not approve of it THERE then we should not approve of it HERE! Purge sin and you will BE SET FREE!

APPLY THE TOKEN: He is telling us that the "angel of judgement is now over our homes." We must consider this moment to be where we make the choice in our hearts to "apply the token" of His Salvation to our lives. If we truly believe then purge sin and REPENT so He can wash you clean. If you truly believe then apply "movement" to your life and become "living water" with excitement and A Refreshing OF YOUR FAITH. If you are a TRUE FOLLOWER OF THE MESSIAH you will break out of the old shell and become a NEW LIFE in Him. Others should see this in your life. Apply the token of "FAITH ALIVE" to all the posts that surround your "home". Where you live, how you live and what your life represents.

PASSOVER. It is not just a "Jewish holiday". It is Gods Holy Day. A day of judgment for Egypt. A day of deliverance for Gods People. For us today IT IS TODAY! Ask God to see "your token" applied to your heart. Ask for Forgiveness for all your sin and wipe out the desires to be "in Egypt". Ask for Strength to "not look back" like Lots wife did. Ask to accept His GRACE with such a passion that everyone can see the new YOU! 

It’s OK to be "renewed in HIM." We should seek this every day! He will celebrate and "run to meet you" as the Father does to all who love Him. Apply your "token" of faith so that others may see it on your "door posts" and you will be set free from all the troubles that you feel you have. This is very powerful and you will see this power work in your life today! The moment you take this message into your heart, "make it living water" in your heart you will FEEL HIS POWER. 

Pray for His protection that even if there are "rocks in your river" of flowing water, that you can now see them as BEAUTIFUL.  The rocks in our rivers cause water to spray up into the air; the rocks in a waterfall cause “the beauty” of the waterfall.  Let’s see the rocks or “troubles” in our lives as beautiful.  Take the power out of the negative, Give the negative to Yeshua who “carries our burdens” and “lightens our loads” and be refreshed by His LOVE!  

So today, become living water, show your freedom from Egypt so that others may see and want what you have.  So that all of us can be saved from the destruction “of Sodom and Gomorrah” like Lot was.  Don’t look back to Egypt or the “destruction” but look forward to FREEDOM!   Become LIVING WATER!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Roe V Wade

Roe V Wade was a scam from the beginning! Just a way to manipulate many into believing they should fight for a right that God never gave them. Go to Wikipedia and see for yourself how this woman went from victim to Christian and how we need to take back our country and declare that there is never a "right" to kill an unborn child just as there is never a "right" to kill one that is born. They are both living children of Christ.
I feel love and compassion for anyone who chose to have an abortion in the past but has repented. God has forgiven you the moment you prayed for forgiveness. Do not let the devil take the Grace of Forgiveness from you by bringing back remorse or sadness that keeps you in bondage. Through Christ, repentance and forgiveness, you are free. Here is the link to wikipedia.
Norma Leah McCorvey Nelson; September 22, 1947 – February 18, 2017), better known by the legal pseudonym "Jane Roe", was the plaintiff in the landmark American lawsuit Roe v. Wade in 1973.[2] The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that individual state laws banning abortion are unconstitutional. Later, McCorv...

Monday, April 10, 2017

Late night discovery of Spring and Gods creation 4-9-17

I was waiting for my husband to get home last night from work. It was just after 9 pm.

The moon was out and I could see a few stars peeking through the clouds. The temperature was amazingly warm and the frogs were announcing the beginning of spring!

What a wonderful way God has of reminding us how wonderful His creation is and that even if there are "clouds" in our skies, beauty is all around if you just listen.

 He created the stars in the sky for signs and seasons. I am in the season of a "new awakening" and the stars are telling me of His love and that His plans for me are just beginning!

 The Great and Wonderful Creator has painted the sky with beauty just for us!

Whisper of the Holy Spirit

 Barb Pecha posted this:  
The mere whisper of the Holy Spirit 
can drown out the thundering noise 
of an entire world.  
David Jeremiah

I am listening. It took 40 years for me to open my ears to what He wanted to say. It took my heart to really seek to know Him.

But I am out of the "dessert" and ready to help you, yes anyone who is feeling stuck in a rut and WHO WANTS OUT, please let me know. I can share what happened to me and it just may help you get out of your spiritual rut. It is so awesome to feel and hear His Spirit. 

I am so glad He took me out of my "dessert" and has given me TRUE LIFE. GOD WILL NOT FORCE HIS SPIRIT ON YOU, you must commit to being open to it. 

 If you feel His spirit asking you to dig deeper into a relationship with HIM, NOW is the time. What are you waiting for? The earth to shake? Mountains to crumble? How about just someone who cares for you telling you.... "I am here, lets talk". God works in many ways. 

And so I am telling you.... He wants to pull closer to you. So lets talk! Send me a message if you want to talk about how you can pull closer to God. Thank you Barb Pecha for posting things that inspire us to seek Him.

Screen Doors!

Kissing through screen a door? Heard this expression the other day and then God gave me a word picture.

Do we live our lives with screen doors between us and God?
Image the screen doors are: sin, doubt, anger, pain and false teachings. Imagine we have only two or as many as 100 screen doors between us and God.

We can see God. Hear Him and maybe even feel Him. But the screen doors are still causing a "distance" between us and Him.

We must discover what our "screen doors" are so we can actually shorten that distance and have nothing stand in between us AND OUR SAVIOR.

If you read this, make a comment. Each time you make a comment you build faith. When you build faith you open your eyes to new things. Maybe to "a screen door" in your life. So commenting can cause you to move closer to God. Who is with me on this??????

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Betrayal, anger, Gods Annointed feast- Passover! Bringing Freedom

Betrayal. A very serious sin in Gods eyes.
Betrayal in your relationship with Him or your relationship with your spouse (marriage contract) grieves the heart of God.

Sin can not be in the presence of God. So if we are struggling with ANGER and we do not purge that from our lives from our hearts, in our daily practice of life- we risk EVER being in the presence of the Lord! Judgement comes THE MOMENT YOU DIE!

The world would have you believe these things "are your right" because of.... (whatever excuse that can be twisted and applied) but we do not have the right- there is nothing right about it. 

 Passover is coming up. The evening of April 10th-18th. In the Older Covenant (old Testiment) all leaven (sin) was searched for and "cast into the fire" so that their homes were purified from "sin". God established His Appointed Times (Purim and Passover are the first two in the spring) so that we are REMINDED to purify our relationship with HIM and with OTHERS. Sin must be purged from our lives and the Spring Feasts help us to remember to do this.

Passover (not easter) is coming up. The evening of April 10th-18th. In the Older Covenant (old Testament) all leaven (sin) was searched for and "cast into the fire" so that their homes were purified from "sin". God established His Appointed Times (Purim and Passover are the first two in the spring) so that we are REMINDED to purify our relationship with HIM and with OTHERS.

Sin must be purged from our lives and the Spring Feasts help us to remember to do this. Man took took GODS Appointed Times away from us through threats, violence and lies. HE NEVER wanted us to forsake these events. THEY BRING LIFE, FREEDOM AND WISDOM for those who remember what they mean and apply their principles to their lives.

Living Water

Living water. What does that mean? Living water MOVES. It does not stay in one place and become stagnant. It MOVES and brings "life" of all kinds with it.

Yeshua (our Messiah Jesus) was baptized in the Jordan River, in the lowest part of the river just before the Dead Sea. No matter if you are in the lowest part and almost in the Dead Sea, Yeshua MADE A WAY FOR YOU TO BE CLEAN AND PURE. All you have to do is ACCEPT IT, LIVE IT- MAKE IT PART OF YOU.

 He wants us to BE LIVING WATER, that does not stand still, that does not end in a "dead sea" and that BRINGS LIFE to us EVERYDAY and to OTHERS who he has put in our lives. Be that LIVING WATER today with everybody you see, everything you say and with every thought you think.

Take hold of your life- your faith- and BECOME LIVING (MOVING, BREATHING, LIFE BRINGING) WATER!

Modern site at Jordan River where many are baptized today.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Come out of the dessert 4-7-17

In the dessert. That is where I was for 40 years! Spiritually I was in a place where I did not allow anything from God to grow to its fullest potential. I was as resistant to God to give me spiritual life as the dessert is to giving plant and animal life. I had let my faith dry up.
During this time God still FED ME AND GAVE ME WATER. He kept "offering more" but I resisted, only taking enough to keep me "alive".
Does that sound familiar? Do you feel you are resisting what God has to offer? Do you feel you could be closer to God but for whatever reason, you are in a rut?
I am FILLED WITH GODS WILL (finally I opened my heart to ALL He has to offer) and full of PASSION! This IS NOT MY DOING BUT HIS. (All I did was stop resisting) And it can be yours too! We are designed to be full of passion. But often we resist. BUT THAT IS NOT WHERE GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE!! He has so much more for you than "little bites". He has PREPARED A BANQUET for our delight.
These are not just word pictures but have a TRUE AND GLORIOUS application in our daily lives. WANT SOME???
It can be given to you too. But you have to take control over your feelings and what you see being possible. ARE YOU IN CONTROL (self control) over where your faith is right now? That can be good if you have given that control to God and bad if you have taken control and wont let God in.
Let loose of your fear, pain, anger and all the other things that have NO RIGHT TO BE IN YOUR LIFE. This is a decision. And it has great power to bring you into what you will soon see is Gods will for your life. If you are in a rut, rebuke it and stand firm on your faith. Call out to myself or other women who have been delivered from their rut to find out how.
This is my calling. My desire. To help you come out of the "dessert" and into the PASSION for which YOU WERE CREATED! Send me a private message if you want to talk- I am here for you!
Sharing your thoughts causes what you believe to grow. Not sharing can cause your faith to wither away. God is calling all of us to COME OUT OF THE DESSERT to a land of milk and honey!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Being BAKED in God

God gave me word picture this morning.  He was saying that we need to be "Baked in Him".  What does it mean to be baked?
When you bake something you are setting its componets so that they are no longer changed by the things they are exposed to.  We bake bread, pottery and the sun can bake the earth.
Nothing new can "grow" in something that is baked.  If the ground is baked, new life can not grow because there is a lack of water. If pottery is baked that means it is "set" with whatever it consists of, will harden and never change.  With bread, once it is baked the ingredients are set and can not be changed.
God is using the loaf of unleavened bread as an example for us today.

If we are baked with God, that means we are "set" in His ways, His design.  The world can not move us and the evil one can not change us.  Unleavened bread is baked WITHOUT the agent that causes it to rise.  So if we are to be unleavened bread to God, free from sin then we must be baked in His ways!  Baked with God.

How do we do that?  Well it is clear that in scripture that God wants His people to be "separate" from the world.  That does not mean where they live but HOW THEY LIVE.  He wants the "rest of the world to recognize HIS PEOPLE" by what they do or dont do IN HIS NAME.  So to be separate from the world is the first step.

How are we separate from the world?  Quick brake down would be:
  1. Know we are sinners, know our sin so that we can purge it from our lives, repent of that sin, accept His son for atonement of that sin and then let God give us a "new" purpose in our lives.
  2. Confess our faith in God, our desire to know and follow His ways in our ACTIONS.  Do we hold what is dear to God as Holy?  Do we do what He commands, Go when He tells us to Go, Listen when He speaks to us.  Do we confess with our VERY LIVES that He is the only one we worship- forsaking all sin and worldly activities and distractions that are contrary to His Will?
  3. Can the world tell that we are separate?  Do our words speak of our faith both in form and in action?  Do we hold tight to Gods standards for our lives even when the world mocks us or punishes us?  Do we hold tight to God even when the evil one tries to distract us?  
Being Baked in God is a minute by minute activity.  The Hebrews were blessed with the hearts desire to see God in everything!!!!!  Everything they said, everything they did and in everything that exists.  Even trials- they would look for Gods blessings at the end.  Even in pain- they would rejoice for  strength that would be given and the endurance that would be gained.    God uses all things for the good and can cause all things to grow.  Since this is true.... look around you to see what gifts God has planted in your path that can bring blessings. 

There is always something to be gained by Trusting God in every situation.  It is our heart condition and then our mind set that will turn us to accept the blessings or.... accept the curse.  Even the worldy man far from God knows this to be true.  It is our heart condition and mind set that creates in us how we will react and relate to every situation.  So let us, EVERYDAY,  set our hearts to: LOVE FOR GOD and mindsets to: SEEK BLESSINGS FROM GOD and we will be full of more joy and blessings than every before.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sing Praises Unto The Lord

We were asked to find some information on SINGING PRAISES TO GOD.  As I did my research I found this information that moved me so much I had to share.  The following was taken from this website:

1.YADAH - yaw-daw - to worship with the extended hand. The giving of oneself in worship and adoration. To lift your hands unto the Lord. It carries the meaning of absolute surrender as a young child does to a parent - "pick me up, I'm all yours".  Scriptures: Gen. 29:35, 2 Chron. 7:6, 20:21, Psalms 9:1, 28:7, Psalms 33:2, 42:5,11, 49:18, Isaiah 12:1 
3034  yadah (yaw-daw');  a primitive root; used only as denominative from 3027; literally, to use (i.e. hold out) the hand; physically, to throw (a stone, an arrow) at or away; especially to revere or worship (with extended hands); intensively, to bemoan (by wringing the hands):
KJV-- cast (out), (make) confess (-ion), praise, shoot, (give) thank (-ful, -s, -sgiving).  
to throw, to shoot, to cast
a) (Qal) to shoot (arrows)
b) (Piel) to cast, to cast down, to throw down
c) (Hiphil)
1) to give thanks, to laud, praise
2) to confess, to confess (the name of God)
d) (Hithpael)
1) to confess (sin)
2) to give thanks  
Yadah in practice - Lift my hands to Him and say how I am surrendering myself to Him. List the ways that I am surrendering to Him. Be diligent. Be disciplined. Be specific. Take the discipline and SAY to the Lord how I am surrendering to Him. With my hands uplifted - surrender unto my God - spirit, soul & body. Totally commit myself to my father.

2.TEHILLAH -teh-hil-law- to sing, to laud. A spontaneous new song. Singing from a melody in your heart by adding words to it. This refers to a special kind of singing-it is singing unprepared, unrehearsed songs. Brings tremendous unity to the body of Christ. Singing straight to God. Can move into tehilah anytime. Singing it the second time would be ZAMAR. It is the praise that God inhabits (sits enthroned on)(Psalm 22:3) God manifests Himself in the mids of exuberant singing.
 Scripture: Psalms 22:3, 34:1, 40:3, 66:2, 2 Chronicles 20:22  
8416  tehillah (teh-hil-law');  from 1984; laudation; specifically (concretely) a hymn:  KJV-- praise.
praise, a song or a hymn of praise
a) praise, adoration, thanksgiving (paid to God)
b) the act of general or public praise
c) a praise-song (as a Hebrew title)
d) praise (demanded by qualities or deeds or attributes of God)
e) renown, fame, glory
1) used of Damascus , God
2) an object of praise, a possessor of renown (figurative)  

3.BARAK - baw-rak - To kneel or to bow. To give reverence to God as an act of adoration. It implies to continual conscious giving place to God. Blessing the Lord, extolling virtue. There is a sense of kneeling and blessing God as an act of adoration in the word BARAK. Physical application - To bow, kneel or to do this with the intent in my heart that He is my KING and I yield to HIM. I am acknowledging Him as KING and GOD. SONG: BLESS THE LORD Scripture: Psalm 103 tells us how to bless the Lord and then goes on to enumerate those blessings: loving kindness, satisfaction redemption, honor, renewal. We bless the Lord by remembering all of these things. 

1288  barak (baw-rak');  a primitive root; to kneel; by implication to bless God (as an act of adoration), and (vice-versa) man (as a benefit); also (by euphemism) to curse (God or the king, as treason):
KJV-- X abundantly, X altogether, X at all, blaspheme, bless, congratulate, curse, X greatly, X indeed, kneel (down), praise, salute, X still, thank.  
1) to bless, to kneel
a) (Qal)
1) to kneel
2) to bless
b) (Niphal) to be blessed, to bless oneself
c) (Piel) to bless
d) (Pual) to be blessed, to be adored
e) (Hiphil) to cause to kneel
f) (Hithpael) to bless oneself
2) Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament: to praise, to salute, to curse  


1984  halal );  a primitive root; to be clear (orig. of sound, but usually of color); to shine; hence, to make a show, to boast; and thus to be (clamorously) foolish; to rave; causatively, to celebrate; also to stultify:
KJV-- (make) boast (self), celebrate, commend, (deal, make), fool (-ish, -ly), glory, give [light], be (make, feignself) mad (against), give in marriage, [sing, be worthy of] praise, rage, renowned, shine.   
 Scripture: 1 Chron. 16:4, 23:5,30, 25:3, 29:13, Neh. 12:24   (this word appears over 110 times in the OT) 
1) to shine
a) (Qal) to shine (figurative of God's favor)
b) (Hiphil) to flash forth light
2) to praise, to boast, to be boastful
a) (Qal)
1) to be boastful
2) boastful ones, boasters (participle)
b) (Piel)
1) to praise
2) to boast, to make a boast
c) (Pual) to be praised, to be made praiseworthy, to be commended, to be worthy of praise
d) (Hithpael) to boast, to glory, to make one's boast
e) (Poel) to make a fool of, to make into a fool
f) (Hithpoel) to act madly, to act like a madman  

5.TOWDAH -to-daw -To give worship by the extension of the hand in adoration or agreeing with what has been done or will be. This word is commonly found in connection with sacrifice-applying the giving of thanks or praise as a sacrifice before reception or manifestation. Thanking God for something that I don't have in the natural. Agreeing with His Word - faith in His Word. This form of praise goes in operation just because His Word is true. "Father, I thank YOU that YOUR WORD is TRUE. As we raise our hearts and hands in praise to the Lord, it involves a sacrifice, especially if one is very sick in body. The carnal mind would fight and ridicule this particular action, but there is great faith in TOWDAH as praise. The lifting of the hand symbolizes agreement. The right hand symbolizes my covenant with my my Father. As I go through the scriptures, God is seen extending His Right Hand to me. That's the covenant. When He extends His right hand to me, He's saying to me - ALL THAT I AM IS YOURS, and when I extend my right hand to Him, I am saying "All that I am is yours and I agree with what You're saying. It is the sacrifice that God honors by His performing of miracles.  
The ATTITUDE for TOWDAH is: I'm thanking God. I'm agreeing with God that it is as He says. I don't care what it looks like. I'm agreeing with what His Word says. Example: Father, I thank You that I am healed.
Scripture: Psalm 42:4, 50:23, Jer. 17:26  

8426  towdah (to-daw');  from 3034; properly, an extension of the hand, i.e. (by implication) avowal, or (usually) adoration; specifically, a choir of worshippers:   KJV-- confession, (sacrifice of) praise, thanks (-giving, offering).  
confession, praise, thanksgiving
a) give praise to God
b) thanksgiving in songs of liturgical worship, a hymn of praise
c) a thanksgiving choir or a procession or a line or a company
d) a thank-offering, a sacrifice of thanksgiving
e) confession   
6.ZAMAR - zaw-mar - To sing with instruments. To make music accompanied by the voice. One of the musical verbs for praise in the book of psalms. It carries the idea of making music in praise to God as in Psalm 92:1. The word ZAMAR also means to touch the strings, and refers to praise that involves instrumental worship as in Psalm 150. The one word is usually translated "sing praises".  
2167  zamar (zaw-mar');  a primitive root [perhaps ident. with 2168 through the idea of striking with the fingers]; properly, to touch the strings or parts of a musical instrument, i.e. play upon it; to make music, accompanied by the voice; hence to celebrate in song and music:   KJV-- give praise, sing forth praises, psalms.  
to sing, to sing praise, to make music; (Piel)
1) to make music, to sing
2) to play a musical instrument  
7.SHABACH - shaw-bakh - to address in a loud tone, a loud adoration, a shout! Proclaim with a loud voice, unashamed, the GLORY, TRIUMPH, POWER, MERCY, LOVE OF GOD. This word implies that testimony is praise. The phrase "shout unto the Lord" can be understood as the action of SHABACH. It is not just being loud. You should have the attitude of putting your whole being into it, an attitude of being totally uninhibited. Scripture: Psalm 117:1, 63:3-4  
7623  shabach (shaw-bakh');  a primitive root; properly, to address in a loud tone, i.e. (specifically) loud; figuratively, to pacify (as if by words):   KJV-- commend, glory, keep in, praise, still, triumph.  
1) to soothe, to still, to stroke
a) (Piel) to soothe, to still
b) (Hiphil) stilling (participle)
2) to laud, to praise, to commend
a) (Piel)
1) to laud, to praise (God)
2) to commend, to congratulate (the dead)
b) (Hithpael) to boast  
The type of lifestyle
that I am supposed to be living.
Recognizing God as God and my KING.
Yadah,Towdah & Shabach combined
(A new song)
Singing Yadah, Towdah & Shabach combined.
Can be done in the Spirit (tongues) or in the understanding.

Gods Appointed time: The Feast of Purim- Esther play script

Here is my Purim play- The Story Of Esther
Purim: The Story of Esther
Ron and Theresa Krout  2-24-17      Edit #7b
(715) 790-0000
All rights reserved.  Please contact me for permission to
print, copy or perform this play. Thanks. 

SONG: Kim Hill- For Such a Time as This


Scene one  (Everyone on stage)

(Step forward as narrator introduces you…..)

NARRATOR:    Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Hear ye!  This is the story of Esther – or if you prefer, how Purim started.     Welcome one!  Welcome all! 
Purim…. It’s sometimes called the Feast of Lots … often called the Feast of Esther … but is usually called the Feast of Purim.    Esther 9:28 reads:… These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family, and in every province, and in every city.  And these days of Purim should never cease to be celebrated by the Jews, nor should the memory of them die out among their descendants.
Now let me tell you a little about the characters in our story tonight. (Ether steps forward)

This is Esther, a beautiful Jewish girl… with a destiny. 

ESTHER:  Shalom everyone. Some folks call me Hadassah, but I prefer to be called Esther.  You’ll notice me even before I get close because I smell delicious, I even smell like cinnamon toast.  It comes from all of those months of special beauty treatments…six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with perfumes and cosmetics.
KING ASH:  Yeah!  Yeah!  So she smells sweet.  But every story needs a hero…a real “He-Man”.  …a real stud-ly guy!  That’s me.   King (Ahasuerus AKA: Xerxes).  But you can call me King Ash.   I’m the King of Persia Media.

(King showing off chin, eyes and big crown)
NARRATOR:  This is King Ash!  You should recognize him even from afar…rather distinguished looking…don’t you think?  Notice the noble chin, deep set eyes, and BIG crown.  …but not really of “royal” blood.  (Whispering) He “bought” his position, so they say….he used to be a stable-keeper. 
(King motions like it’s a secret) shhhh

This is King Ash’s wife, Queen Vashti.  She’s the one with royal blood, from the family of King Nebuchadnezzar II …his great-granddaughter.  The only real claim to the throne of the king seems to stems from Queen Vashti, and they both know this very well.  (Whispering) She continually reminds him of it, too.  He married her thinking she would add validity to his kingship.  She’s got a pretty BIG crown…., and thinks her crown “ought” to be BIGGER than “his” crown.  She is considered the most beautiful woman of the land.

VASHTI:  I’m called Vashti.  I’m the Queen of Persia Media.  You think Women’s Lib is something new?  Well, let me tell you, I have my own ideas about womens lib.

NARRATOR:  Some of you may recognize the Jew, Mordechai.  He’s a Godly man and often sits by the gates of the city.  He’s wise and well respected by all. 

MORDECHAI:  Yes, I’m Jewish.  I’m Mordechai, of the Tribe of Benjamin.   We Jews have never asked for trouble, but HaShem, Blessed be His Name, seems to continually bless us THROUGH OUR ample supply of troubles. 
(Haman steps forward)

NARRATOR:  Every story has a villain.  In this one, it’s this guy…Haman!   It’s customary to show your distaste for him with a “Boo”, or a “Hiss” or by stomping your feet whenever his name is spoken. So when we show the Boo sign show your protest!  (Practice a BOO with sign)

HAMAN:  Haman’s…… the name…self-promoting is my game. (Looking into the audiance..)       You’re not Jewish? are you?  …I just can’t stand those Jews!  Step over Hitler…I was there long before you. (Looking proud and then moves off stage) 
NARRATOR:  Haman’s wife is Zeresh.  They have many sons. You may have heard of the three eldest:
Saddam…. Osama…. Yesser??  Their just like their dad- chips of the old block.
We also have with us tonight one of the King’s wisemen who will help the king with matters of the law and an attendant who carries out the laws. (Attendant steps off)
 Scene two: (King, Vashti, Wiseman) (King in one chair Vashti off to side) 

NARRATOR:  This is what happened in the days of King Ash, who ruled over 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia. King Ash gave a banquet for all his nobles and officials, the military leaders of Persia and Media, the princes, and the nobles of the provinces were all there.  Queen Vashti also gave her own celebration for the women who’s husbands had attended the kings banquet.  The celebration went on for  187 days.

KING ASH:  Bring Queen Vashti to the banquet wearing her royal crown, in order to display her beauty to the people and nobles.... What’s the point of having a Queen of noble birth if you can’t show her off every now and then????
(Attendant talking with Vashti)
NARRATOR:  So the attendants delivered the king’s command, but it wasn’t not well received.

VASHTI:  Who does he think he is????  Just because he’s the King, and my husband, doesn’t give him any right to tell me what to do.  Maybe I’ll go…and then…maybe I just won’t!  We’ll see who wears the pants in this family!  (Vashti  shows pants and then storms off stage)

NARRATOR:  So, Queen Vashti refused to go.

KING ASH:  I’m so mad!  I’m furious! (Pause and ponder) What will the guys think?  (Looking at wiseman….)
What should I do to Queen Vashti for not obeying my command?

WISEMAN:  Queen Vashti has done wrong against the king and against everybody in the kingdom.  All the women are going to hear about the queen’s conduct, and they might get ideas themselves.  They will despise their husbands…and think they too can get away with not listening to their husbands. There will be no end to the disrespect and discord. 

Therefore, if it pleases the king, let him issue a royal decree and let it be written in the laws of Persia and Media, which cannot be repealed, that Vashti is never again to enter the presence of King Ash.   Also let the king give her royal position to someone else who is better looking than she is. …someone who knows how to listen to her husband’s wishes!

KING ASH:  Yeah!  I can go along with that!  So be it! (Wiseman writes in journal)

ATTENDANT:  Let a search be made for a beautiful new Queen for the king instead of Vashti. 

Scene three (Attendant, Mordechai, Esther)

NARRATOR:  Now there was in the kingdom a Jew, of the tribe of Benjamin named Mordechai. Mordechai had a cousin named Hadassa.  This girl, who was also known as Esther, was kind, beautiful and very smart. Mordechai had taken her in and adopted her, to raise her as his own daughter, because she had no mother or father.  

(Attendant walks over and speaks to Mordechai who is standing by curtain) (Esther other end of stage)

ATTENDANT:  I understand that there is a beautiful young woman living in your home.

MORDECHAI:  Yes, she is my cousin, Esther.  Would you care to come in?  …or shall we stand here in the streets solving all God’s riddles?

ATTENDANT:  Just tell the girl to get her things.  (Hands him a bag) She’ll be going to the palace with me!

MORDECHAI:  Esther, the king’s attendant is here, and he wants to take you to the palace.  Seems the King is looking for a new wife.

ESTHER:  But I’m not really interested in living in the palace … or being the new Queen.  I enjoy my life here with you.

MORDECHAI:  I’m sure you do, Esther … and I feel the same.  But HaShem, Blessed be His Name, seems to have other plans for your life.  True, dear cousin?  Of course, true!   


Scene four   (sign # 2 comes down)

NARRATOR:  The King was attracted to Esther.  She was kind and she even more beautiful than Vashti….  And so Esther won the heart of the king. But before she could be the queen, she had to eat a special diet, complete 12 months of beauty treatments and that is why she smells so beautiful.
(Attendant places lace on  Esther and then crown.)

And so the king made her the new queen. Now Esther had not revealed her nationality and family background to anyone, because Mordechai had forbidden her to do so.

( Two men secretly talking, holding a bottle of poison)

Mordechai would spend his days sitting at the king’s gate.  One day while he was at the king’s gate, he overheard two of the king’s attendants who were conspiring to assassinate King Ash. When Mordechai found out about the plot, he told Queen Esther, who reported it to the king, giving credit to Mordechai. When the report was investigated and found to be true, the two officials were hanged on a gallows and the good deeds of Mordechai were written in the daily journal of the king.      
Mordechai saves king

Scene five : (Haman, Mordechai, King) (men bowing to Haman)

NARRATOR: It was sometime after that when King Ash decided to honor Haman….., elevating him and giving him a seat of honor higher than all the other nobles and princes, making him second in command.

All the royal officials at the king’s gate knelt down and paid honor to Haman……., as the king had commanded. But Mordechai would not kneel down or pay him honor.
When Haman……. saw that Mordechai would not kneel down or pay him honor, he was enraged.

(Haman is very angry)

HAMAN:  Why aren’t you bowing to me?  Don’t you know who I am?

MORDECHIA:  Me bow to you?  God should strike me dead first, Blessed be His Name, should I EVER bow to you!  Yes, I know who you are, but I’m Mordechai, the Jew, and I bow before no one but God.

NARRATOR:  Haman…… was furious!  He looked for a way to destroy Mordechai and all of his people, the Jews.
So he went to the king.     (Haman goes to the king)

HAMAN:  King.  There is a group of people scattered among the people in your kingdom whose customs are different and who do not obey the king’s laws.  These people are worthless and have ugly daughters!  If it pleases the king, let a decree be issued to destroy them.

KING ASH:  Sounds like a good plan, Haman…….  I’ll give you the signet ring from my finger.  Do with these people as you please…especially the UGLY ones.
Kill the Jews- (stays up till scene 11)

Scene six: (Haman,, Mordechai, Esther) (Mordechai listening to Haman talk)

HAMAN:  We will send out dispatches with the order to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews—young and old, women and little children—on a single day.  (Haman rolls the dice)
I’ve just cast the “pur”, and the 13th day of the 12th  month, the month of Adar.   This is the chosen day to
 kill all the Jews and to steal their goods.

NARRATOR:  When Mordechai learned of all that was to be done, he tore his clothes from grief, lamenting and crying bitterly.  He then made a visit to Esther.  (Finding Esther….  Esther standing off to side)

MORDECHAI:  Esther, that evil Haman……., may his brains be turned to steam, has made plans to have all the Jews killed on the 13th day of Adar.  You must go into the King to beg for mercy and plead for your people.

ESTHER: You know, any man or woman who approaches the king in the inner court without being summoned will be put to death. The only exception to this is for the king to extend the gold scepter to him and spare his life. I don’t know if I want to risk it or not!

MORDECHAI:  Dear cousin, do not think that because you are in the king’s house you will escape any more than any other Jew! If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will come from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows MAYBE you have come to be the queen, for such a time as this?

ESTHER:  We need a miracle! …. And men cannot work miracles without the hand of God the Eternal.  Gather together all the Jews in the kingdom.  Tell them to pray and fast with me, neither eating nor drinking for three days and nights.  
When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish…. I perish.

MORDECHAI:  God’s greatest pleasure is making miracles from the dust of our despair… We will pray for a miracle.

NARRATOR:  So Mordechai carried out all of Esther’s instructions. When the Jewish people heard all of these things they began to cry out to God….. fasting and praying.


Scene seven: (King, Esther) ( Esther getting her robe on)

NARRATOR: On the third day, Esther put on her finest royal robe and stood in the inner court of the palace, in front of the king’s hall. When the king glanced over and saw Queen Esther standing in the court, he was pleased with her and held out to her the gold scepter that was in his hand.  (King plays with rattle a little)

KING ASH:  What is it, Esther? What is your request? Even up to half of my kingdom, it will be given to you.
(Esther approaches the king)
ESTHER:  If it pleases the king, come today to a banquet I have prepared for you … and bring Haman……, too.

NARRATOR:  So the king and Haman……. went to the banquet Esther had prepared.

KING ASH:  OK, sweetie, we’re here.  Everything was delicious. What can I do for you? I will give you anything. What is your request? Even up to half the kingdom.  It will be yours.

ESTHER:  If you regard me with favor and if it pleases you to grant my petition, come again tomorrow, along with Haman, to another banquet I will prepare for you. Then I will answer your question.  


 Scene eight: (Haman, Zeresh)  (Haman looking very proud and mighty)
NARRATOR:  Haman…… went out that day very happy and in high spirits. He called together his friends, his wife, and his sons.   Haman …….boasted to them about his vast wealth, and all the ways the king had honored him & how he had elevated him above the other nobles and princes in Persia.

HAMAN:  (REAL PROUD)    And that’s not all.  I’m the only person Queen Esther invited to accompany the king to the banquet she gave, and she has invited me along with the king again tomorrow…. But all this is not enough as long as I see that Jew, Mordechai, sitting at the king’s gate and refusing to bow to me.

NARRATOR:  Hamans wife Zeresh suggests that he build a gallows and  have Mordechai hung on it.  This suggestion delighted Haman……, and  so he had the gallows built…right outside of his own house.
 Scene nine: (King, Attendant, Haman)
(Attendant pretending to read the journals to king)

NARRATOR:   That night the king could not sleep; so he ordered his daily journals to be read to him. King Ash was reminded of how Mordechai had exposed the two attendants who had conspired to assassinate him.

KING ASH:   I forgot all about that. ( take a moment and think)  What honor and recognition has Mordechai received for saving my life and bringing this matter to my attention?

ATTENDANT:  Nothing has been done for him, sir.

NARRATOR:  Shortly after that Haman….. entered the room.

KING ASH:  So Haman……. What should be done for the man the king would like to honor?

NARRATOR:  Haman…. thought to himself …

HAMAN:   (Whispering to himself) Who is this that the king would like to honor?  Could it be me?

(WITH PRIDE) Oh, King, if there is someone you desire to honor, then you should bring a royal robe the king has worn and a horse the king has ridden, one with a royal crest placed on its head.   Then let your attendants robe the man that you desire to honor, and lead him on the horse through the city streets, proclaiming what this man has done and how the king delights to honor him.

KING ASH:  Great idea!  Go at once, take my robe and my horse and do just as you have suggested …… for Mordechai … the Jew!!!  And by the way!  Don’t leave out anything you mentioned.

  (Haman leading Mordechai up and down church)

HAMAN: ( As Mordechai is lead through the streets of the city, hanging head down in shame/anger ) “This man saved the King!  This man is honored by the King!” 

NARRATOR:  (As they are at end of isle)  So Haman…… did as the king commanded leading Mordechai through the streets of the city, on the kings’ horse, wearing the kings’ robe and crown.

HAMAN: “This man saved the King!  This man is honored by the King!” 
(end of Cheering and Rejoicing  and  Mordechai sign)

Scene ten: (King, Esther, Haman)

NARRATOR:  Haman…… and the King are now at the second banquet that Esther had prepared.

KING ASH:  Thank you sweetie for your kindness with this second banquet.  What is your petition?

ESTHER:  If I have found favor king and if it so pleases the king then what I have to ask is to be given to me is my own life and the lives of my people!  For we have been sold…. I and my people… and are to be destroyed, killed and exterminated on the 13th day of Adar!

KING ASH:  What?!!  Who is he?  Where is the man that dared to do such a thing?

ESTHER: A ruthless enemy- (as Esther points to Haman)  it’s this wicked man Haman!
(King motions for attendant who takes back the ring)

NARRATOR: The king is outraged.  
He takes back the ring from Haman….. and orders that the very gallows that Haman….. made for Mordechai be used to hand Haman.  And so the order was carried out.  (Attendant puts noose around Haman and off stage)

(King talking with Esther, hands her the estate) (Attendant getting Mordechai)

That same day King Ash gave Queen Esther the estate of Haman…..  Esther revealed to King Ash that Mordechai was her guardian,…. and so the king had Mordechai brought to the palace.  (Turning to Mordechai….)

KING ASH: Mordechai, the Jew…… here is my signet ring.  You shall be second in rank only to the King.

NARRATOR: (Attendant puts on crown, robe) Mordechai left the king’s presence wearing, a large crown of gold and a purple robe of fine linen.  He was prominent in the palace and his reputation of being a good man spread throughout the provinces and Mordechai became very powerful. He too was chosen by God  as such as time as this, because of his concern and care for his people.

Scene eleven: (King, Mordechai,  Esther at Kings feet)


NARRATOR : It had been a difficult time for the Jews during their Babylonia captivity, but God never left them or forgot about them.  They had always been and will always be the Apple of His Eye!!  Monarchs will come and go, empires will rise and fall, but Blessed be He, will always be in everlasting covenant with the seed of Israel.

(Esther bowing to king….)

Once again Esther pleaded with the king, falling at his feet and weeping.  She begged him to put an end to the evil plan which  had been devised against her people the Jews.
God Please Protect Us! (Until end)

KING ASH: (As king helps Esther up…..) My dear Esther, you know a law cannot be revoked once it has been written.  But you many write another law in my name on behalf of the Jews and seal it with my signet ring that I have given to Mordechai.
(Mordechai and Esther writing and talking)

NARRATOR: Mordechai and Queen Esther wrote another law that granted that the Jews the right to assemble and protect themselves against their enemies.  They can destroy any armed forces of any nationality that might attack them and their women and children. 

(Haman, Attendant, Vashti, Wiseman all hand out the decree of protection/ flier) 

So a notice was written and sent to every province- each in their own language that they can protect themselves.  The people rejoiced.  For the Jews were relieved that they could keep themselves and families from harm.  In every province and city where the decree arrived the Jews celebrated with gladness and joy.  

(Two boys with swords, one a Jew other enemy who runs away!)

NARRATOR:  When the 13th day of Adar arrived for the king’s order and decrees to be carried out, the enemies of the Jews did not overcome them.  Just the opposite the Jews assembled, defended themselves and put their enemies to the sword.    

Scene TWELVE: (King, Esther)   (King Ash talks with Ester….)

KING ASH: You people have defended themselves well.  Whatever else you require to save your people will be granted.

ESTHER:  If it pleases the king let my people continue to act- to ensuring their peace and security by defending themselves…..and also have Haman’s 10 sons hanged in the gallows.

NARRATOR:  The king commanded that this be done.  The 10 sons were hanged and the Jews come together on the 13th  and 14th day of the Adar, to defend themselves against their enemies.  The Jewish people were saved.  So on the 15th day they rested.... had a feast and made it a holiday and many of the people of the land became Jews.

NARRATOR:  So it has been recorded in the book of Esther by Mordechai,…. that Queen Esther was granted favor by the king…. and protection by God…. that she might save her people… in such a time as this.

ESTHER: This is why we call these days Purim, for the word pur.  Because of everything written here today- and everything we have seen concerning this matter,- we the Jewish people, have taken upon ourselves, our descendants and all who might join us without fail….. to observe these two days in accordance with what is written.  At this appointed time…. every year…..these days will be remembered… throughout every generation, every family, every province and in every city ….and the days of Purim will never be forgotten among our people or lost to our descendants.

(As narrator reads all actors and actresses should assemble on stage for performance bow)

NARRATOR:  So the Feast of Purim gets its name from the miracle of Gods protection from the hand of an evil man….. who plotted to destroy- off the face of the earth- Gods chosen people.  If we consider the results of this evil plan- that all the Jewish people after this time would have been wiped out- how would the Messiah be born to the Jewish people?  This should cause us to be in awe of God and His wondrous ways.  Blessed be the King of the Universe who grants us safety and provides us a way of salvation!