Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Being BAKED in God

God gave me word picture this morning.  He was saying that we need to be "Baked in Him".  What does it mean to be baked?
When you bake something you are setting its componets so that they are no longer changed by the things they are exposed to.  We bake bread, pottery and the sun can bake the earth.
Nothing new can "grow" in something that is baked.  If the ground is baked, new life can not grow because there is a lack of water. If pottery is baked that means it is "set" with whatever it consists of, will harden and never change.  With bread, once it is baked the ingredients are set and can not be changed.
God is using the loaf of unleavened bread as an example for us today.

If we are baked with God, that means we are "set" in His ways, His design.  The world can not move us and the evil one can not change us.  Unleavened bread is baked WITHOUT the agent that causes it to rise.  So if we are to be unleavened bread to God, free from sin then we must be baked in His ways!  Baked with God.

How do we do that?  Well it is clear that in scripture that God wants His people to be "separate" from the world.  That does not mean where they live but HOW THEY LIVE.  He wants the "rest of the world to recognize HIS PEOPLE" by what they do or dont do IN HIS NAME.  So to be separate from the world is the first step.

How are we separate from the world?  Quick brake down would be:
  1. Know we are sinners, know our sin so that we can purge it from our lives, repent of that sin, accept His son for atonement of that sin and then let God give us a "new" purpose in our lives.
  2. Confess our faith in God, our desire to know and follow His ways in our ACTIONS.  Do we hold what is dear to God as Holy?  Do we do what He commands, Go when He tells us to Go, Listen when He speaks to us.  Do we confess with our VERY LIVES that He is the only one we worship- forsaking all sin and worldly activities and distractions that are contrary to His Will?
  3. Can the world tell that we are separate?  Do our words speak of our faith both in form and in action?  Do we hold tight to Gods standards for our lives even when the world mocks us or punishes us?  Do we hold tight to God even when the evil one tries to distract us?  
Being Baked in God is a minute by minute activity.  The Hebrews were blessed with the hearts desire to see God in everything!!!!!  Everything they said, everything they did and in everything that exists.  Even trials- they would look for Gods blessings at the end.  Even in pain- they would rejoice for  strength that would be given and the endurance that would be gained.    God uses all things for the good and can cause all things to grow.  Since this is true.... look around you to see what gifts God has planted in your path that can bring blessings. 

There is always something to be gained by Trusting God in every situation.  It is our heart condition and then our mind set that will turn us to accept the blessings or.... accept the curse.  Even the worldy man far from God knows this to be true.  It is our heart condition and mind set that creates in us how we will react and relate to every situation.  So let us, EVERYDAY,  set our hearts to: LOVE FOR GOD and mindsets to: SEEK BLESSINGS FROM GOD and we will be full of more joy and blessings than every before.