Monday, April 09, 2018

Confess... what does it mean?

The word confess means to admit even if you are embarrassed or ashamed. So when you confess to the Lord, He is faithful to forgive NO MATTER what the sin is. And remember all sins gain us the label of disobedient. The goal is to recognize our sin, confess to the Lord even if they are embarrassing and to be free from that sin. Repentance means to turn from that sin. So confess and turn! That is the only way to be forgiven. It was from the day Adam and Eve sinned until the end of millennium.... if we confess we are forgiven. Today we offer prayers and thanksgiving to God for accepting our confession and repentance. In the Old Testament they were instructed to also, after confession and forgiveness, to OFFER sacrifices of thanksgiving and offers of thanks for many things like sin and blessings. The sacrifices were never meant for forgiveness of sin but as thanksgiving offerings for Gods grace of forgiveness. Many do not understand this. I think it answers many questions. I hope all that you get from my posts is a stirring to bring you closer to the lord. If you dont agree with something I post it is your job to research it and look for Gods truth, not mans. Remember Yeshua/Jesus does not want us to follow man but HIM!