Thursday, February 16, 2017



God has given us everything.  He has given us life, free will and the desire to love.  He has also given us a gift- a way to atone for all we do wrong even if we don’t deserve it.  He has given us a way to be forgiven of sin and to correct our path so we do not repeat our sins or the sins of generations before.
This gift is called salvation.  But to receive this gift we must first know what we must do to receive it.  It is given freely but only to those who WANT IT.  Anyone can accept this gift and because of free will, anyone can also refuse this gift.
So how do we get this gift?  We must start with a foundation.  A foundation built only on true, not given by man but by God himself.  Here is what our new path looks like.  Some call it their “Walk with God”.

1.Instruction book the Bible on how to live worthy of Him

2. Understanding of Sin and how it separates us from God And a hunger to know God more

3. Our Repentance, Turning from Sin and building a worthy relationship with God

4. Forgiveness of Sin and lifestyle that reflects our true repentance

5.Gift of Mercy and Grace which cultivates A desire to show love and mercy to others

6. Gift of Eternal life through His sacrifice

7. Eternity with God

What are we willing to give in return for a wonderful plan that allows us to be alive NOW AND FOREVER with God?
Each of these steps are important, building from one to the next.  All of these are in the gift of salvation and all came in the form of Yeshua (Jesus).  If you do not understand any one of these steps please do not loose this great gift by not asking.  Send me a message or ask your pastor. 
So He gave us His all.  His plan of salvation and His very life.  What are you willing to give in return?  What does He require?  Only one thing.  We are to make our lives a living sacrifice.  In other words: OUR HEARTS IN PURE WORSHIP an no other "loves" before Him.  What is pure worship?
Pure worship has many facets.  All of which have caused great division among many people.  But the foundation of Gods desire for pure worship is based on His laws and NOT OUR JUSTIFICATION of what WE WANT His desires to be.  What He expects is not difficult once we have a true desire to be closer to HIM!
He requires pure worship. 
  • Time with Him in study (which is the highest form of worship because it brings you to a better understanding of Him.  Not for facts to spout out but for a relationship with Him.
  • Time with Him in prayer.  This allows us to build the connection with Him so that we can hear from Him and He can hear from us.  Time where we empty our minds and hearts of everyday life and listen closely for the move of the spirit.  Prayer with others have a special blessing and when two or more come together in prayer, He pays special attention to the prayers.
  •  Time in worship of song and praise.  With music or just words.  With humming or with instruments.  It’s all wonderful to Him.  This is a time where the Spirit of God can create strong bonds and open our hearts to more.
  •  Giving of ourselves in service to others.  This can mean charity, helping someone out with a physical need or a spiritual need.  This also means giving a tithe of whatever God leads you to give and to whom He leads you.
  • Sacrificing unworthy desires.  Giving up anything and everything that does not line up with His commands of how He wants us to live.  Paying close attention to the desires that separate us from Him.  Idols: anything that we give greater love or attention to than Him.  Which include traditions of man, false doctrines and activities such as music and movies that are of the world.  If you would be ashamed if God asked you to answer for these activities, then the activity  should be examined to see if they are wholesome and worthy of Him.
  • Rid our lives of all pagan practices.  Throw it out. Clean out your heart, mind and soul from these things because they cause a divide between us and God.  They cloud our judgement and pull us away from Him and toward the world.  If you are in doubt, ask if Yeshua (Jesus' name in Hebrew as it would have been said at that time) would have said it or done it.  If not then research to find out where it came from.  Was it created by man to bring pagan worshipers into the faith?  Then it is rooted in paganism and needs to be uprooted from our lives.
If our path is not clean and worthy…. He cannot travel on it with us.  If we are holding on to the world with one hand then we are not holding onto God with both hands and will fall short of His blessings, protection and direction.  Don’t be the monkey in the middle!  Take a stand and stand for God.  The monkey that rides the fence can only fall into destruction.  If you take a stand and practice what is pleasing and purge what is not, you will be blessed from now into Eternity. 
Please open your heart to Gods desire to give your life purpose that means something.  Not the distractions of the world but the path to eternity!  If you have trouble moving up through any of these steps please seek help.  God made us a social people so we need each other and so we can help one another.  Shalom